Hotpoint TCYM 750C Style Tumble Dryer Review

We were sent a new tumble
dryer to review from Appliances Online. 
I was very happy with my experience with them, we were regularly updated
with a delivery time and the machine arrived promptly in that delivery slot.

brand new tumble dryer joining our humble abode, was none other than the super
stylish Hotpoint TCYM 750C Style, which retails for a very fair £249. It was a moment of great excitement as it
meant we could say goodbye to our vented one (who has been re-homed in
someone’s shed so please don’t feel sorry it!) and start to enjoy a level of
comfort and warmth come winter. Nothing
worse than having the heating on but needing the window open for the pipe and
all our lovely heat dissipating away! 
Even in all my thermals I used to shiver!

hello sexy new Hotpoint, the pride and joy of a family very much reliant on the
charms of a tumble dryer, after all living in Wales, it rains A LOT. So hanging your clothes out to dry is almost
like an urban legend. People talk about
it but it rarely happens. Being a
condenser tumble dryer you do need to empty the water tank regularly, there is
an empty water indicator light so you know when it needs doing. But its good practise to empty it after
every tumble. You can if your so
inclined, plumb your tumble into a drain (if its located close to the tumble)
and not have to keep going back and fourth with the water tank. However if you had a hose pipe ban just
think how handy all that extra water would be for your garden (although for the record our garden does not need anymore!).

am loving how simple it is to use. I
did worry when hubbie disappeared off to work without briefing me (the most un
technical person to grace this earth!) how I would manage. I had clothes needing to be dried and an
absent advisor. So I took the bull by
the horns and thought I can do this… well I feel I was over dramatic now as it
could not have been more basic. You
just bundle wet clothes in, adjust the timer (handily a list of suggested times
are located on the front of the machine) and then make yourself a cuppa, watch
some daytime TV, come back later and find lovely dry clothes, which if folded
straight away do not even need ironing… I am not partial to ironing, so this is
a HUGE plus!

you Appliances Online.

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