Moshi Monsters Cartoon Stripz Review

were sent two of these sets; I must confess I had never heard of Cartoon Stripz
before. They are however quite good fun
and would make a sweet stocking filler (the smaller set, unless you have epic stockings of course!) for any Moshi Monsters fan.

the Moshi Monsters along the paper scene, my boys could create lots of
adventures with them. Each set had a
few characters and standard household items (like a sofa, drum kit and ummm a
rocket!) for them to interact with, although technically you could never get
them to sit on a chair for real, as they are all flat bits of plastic. But you can take them to the fridge and
pretend to prepare them a snack or imagine having a disco turning on the music
loud on the hifi system!

main thing is they are easy to set up, aimed at children 4+ who can even at
that age put the pieces in their bases for them to stand. So you could leave them happily playing but
it can be quite enjoyable to join in the exploits too! The pieces are quite strong, the scene not
so much, I couldn’t get it to slot in so well but with the power of Selotape it
worked amicably! This mummy shall not
be defeated…

has not been a better time to start collecting these sets either, as you can at
the moment enter a competition to win some fantastic prizes:

What your kids can win!

November Prize: an amazing Apple iPod

December Prize: a super-cool Sony Digital

January Prize: a monsterrific Moshi
Monsters 7-inch Capacitive Touch LCD Tablet

February Prize: a huge voucher to spend
at Toys ‘R’ Us, worth £75

March Prize: a brilliant Nintendo 3DS

over to their website for more information and start unleashing your child’s
creativity! I am hoping mine feel
particularly imaginative in March, as that would be a dream prize…

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  1. Thanks for another amazing review hun! Spud collected all the Moshi Monster cards and has just recently reviewed the bobble bots. Now following on Google and via email xx

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