Music for Kids Pirate Recorder Review

is definitely Music for Kids and not my poor ears! My two made quite the racket, but I was very pleased with the
quality of the product, the instructions and the price. I think you get lots for £9.99, all boxed and
presented well. I am actually surprised
they can sell it for that price, as it does seem very cheap for so much. I think it would make a lovely present for
Christmas, just perhaps add some ear guards for yourself until they get the
hang of it!

It seems a well thought out item, with plenty to encourage
an interest in music. I like that they
have simple instructions of how to hold the recorder and how to play musical
notes. The stickers are fun so they can
decorate the recorder to their own taste (in a pirate theme in this pack, but
there is a princess one for the little ladies!).

even get a carry bag to keep your recorder safe and a cleaning rod to make sure
it’s in tiptop condition.

would definitely recommend this item. 
Just grin and bare the first few attempts your child has. It is for children aged 4+ and I would say
the 5 year old did have more of an aptitude to it than his little brother. At three his aim was to generate noise and
lots of it… the tune was more of a musical screech!

can find out more about Music for Kids on their website.

2 thoughts on “Music for Kids Pirate Recorder Review

  1. Oo we got one of these for review have not had chance to get it out yet, Spud's so excited! Look's fab thanks for a great review xx

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