Presents for Men Review

I say presents for men, but that’s just the name of the site, really there is a
whole multitude of presents on there, appealing to just about everyone. Maybe they named it so as the present I
always find hardest to buy is that for the men in my life, my dad and hubbie so
most likely to need to search for them. 
Apart from socks and liquorice allsorts my inspiration dries up quite
quickly when it comes to Christmas presents for men! So it is
helpful to have plenty of suggestions for men on there.

it comes to shopping, most of my purchases are not on the high street, simply
because we live quite rurally and choice is fairly limited. But I do not miss the bright lights of city
life anymore as long as I can access to an online shopping world! Without that I might have some serious
withdrawal symptoms!

was sent the Toddler Waterproof Suit with an RRP of £24.99 and typically when we decide to test it out it decides
uncharacteristically not to rain in Wales… but this small hiccup would not put
us hardy reviewers off. We decided a
trip to the beach was in order to find sea puddles for splashing.

arrival back home, my son’s clothes were completely dry underneath, even on his
bottom where he had sat in the water. 
The only wet part was the bottom of his trousers as he ventured too deep
and the water came over the top of his Wellingtons.

son seemed quite comfortable wearing the suit; it is breathable so that really
helps. It fitted him snugly and we had
the size four but he is a big three year old, but this does mean you do need to
order carefully in terms of size.

would definitely recommend these and cannot wait for it to rain… am sure I will
not be kept waiting very long!

also had a Toothpaste
Head – Rex the Dragon (£3.99), I have never seen these before but it definitely
brought a bit of novelty to teeth brushing time. By the end of the day I have lost my ability to be fun and
creative, I just want the little blighters in bed ASAP and the relaxing to
commence. This lovely little item took
some of the headache out of brushing, as they were smiley about the fact that
Rex was sick on their toothbrush! Their choice of words not mine! But end
result no grumbles and quicker off to bed! 
My one concern was storage but you can use his tail to cover his mouth
in between uses. We did find of our two
kids toothpastes it only fitted one of them. So to avoid disappointment maybe ensure you have a couple of
sizes of tubes in stock!

I enjoyed our experience of Presents for Men, am
sure we will be back soon.

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