Stuart The Bug Eating Man Book Review

We were sent this book by
Calvin Innes to review. My boys were
engrossed from the very first page; they sat absorbed but loudly going “EWWWW”
on a regular basis! “That’s so sick! Although Mum do you know in some countries
they do eat bugs”… cue for a long conversation on the relative benefits of
eating bugs! Much to my horror!

They said they enjoyed the
funny book and liked the silly bugs on every page. It is definitely a little different from the norm! I am certainly pleased my hubbie is not a
bug muncher, although if he were maybe he would not hog all my chocolate and
cakes… hmmm! Maybe I should encourage a
bug diet after all!

The illustrations are great,
very quirky, although it does turn my tummy always seeing Stuart surrounded in
bugs! Facing strife from his wife
Stuart decides to work on getting a job and comes up with the idea of working
in pest control! Fame and glory await
him, but still he has a cloud of bugs with him wherever he may go, no amount of
hard cash would make up for that! 
Imagine he probably has tiny bits of bug leg stuck in his teeth…
although he would be handy for collecting any dead flies from our windowsills!

Entertaining book for my two
who love bugs (although they do draw the line at eating them! The cat however is quite happy to chomp on
them). I enjoy reviewing books as it
can introduce you to authors you might normally miss. Well these books are certainly more unique, if you want something
slightly different and to occasionally go “EWWWW” you have found your author.

Available to buy from Amazon
for £6.29, a fantastic introduction to poetry with a topic to keep children
engaged! Just read AFTER mealtimes…

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