Stuck on You Santa Sack Giveaway

are very excited to be reviewing some Christmas T-Shirts when they arrive,
but until then I thought I would introduce you to some of the fabulous
offerings at Stuck on You and host this fabulous competition to win 2 x Santa
Sacks (worth £29.99 each). When it comes to Christmas
everyone has different traditions and ways of doing things, some like to store
the presents in a sack, some have them wrapped in there, some don’t. My mum always insisted we had to be up, washed and dressed before we could open as much as one present!!! For my boys I would quite happily let them
open all the presents in their PJ’s but then I love snugly pyjamas! However you like to do things, you can find something
lovely over at the Stuck on You website.

I do love the Christmas Knit Stockings (£29.99), they look very festive, my brother and I made do with my long school socks, so I am pining for never having had something quite this stylish! It might seem expensive initially but quality products last for many Christmases to come.

If you like your children wearing something special for the day itself, the t-shirts (£16.99) are perfect to get into the spirit of things.

One of my least favourite things about Christmas, is writing Christmas cards (my other pet hate is sprouts!), I feel cramp set in quite early on and lose my Christmas card writing mojo fast! So I think having a little helping hand, is a good idea for my sanity and help get things off to a flying start. 12 Christmas cards personalised for £9.99 seems a small price to pay! Now I just need to find a way to hide the sprouts my mum still insists I eat come Christmas day…

To enter the competition please
complete the rafflecopter below, the competition will close on the 10th
of November, leaving plenty of time for arrival before Christmas. The winner can personalise them and see the delight on their children’s faces with what Father Christmas delivered come Christmas morning! They really are beautifully designed sacks.

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197 thoughts on “Stuck on You Santa Sack Giveaway

  1. yes iv purchased a few of christmas presents in the last month or so! have to be prepared as its my daughter birthday on the 25th of Nov and 6 other family members birthdays in nov and dec, it gets so expensive!! These look lovely, would love them for my 2 munchkins x

  2. I have – I always start really early – i just love this time of year! Pretty much done all my xmas shopping, now just looking forward to doing christmassy things with the kids x

  3. Yes I am about 1/4 of the way through my xmas shopping for the kids. Havent thought about friends or family yet though.

  4. Yes I have started getting ready for Christmas. I have seven children, three of them married with a children so i dont have a choice but to start in the January sales. I dont go totally mad at christmas but it costs a small fortune plus at some time over Christmas and the new year the whole family get together so my food and wine bill is massive. I collect £2 coins so by the end of the year I can relax and spend without worry.

  5. I have got all my kids stocking presents, I start my xmas shopping at the end of summer sales. I write a list of what I've bought and how much so I don't go too mad (or rather I know how mad I have gone)!

  6. I have been saving all yr. Can't wait for another couple of weeks to start shopping. Love shopping in the nearer to christmas to get into the seasonal spirit 🙂

  7. Ohh yes, I have to being a single mummy with Spud loving Disney products it can get a little expensive, also this year a mum at the school was doing park so I gave her £4 a week in return for some vouchers which should be here very soon xx

  8. I think I am almost finished now, got the kids presents in the sainsburys toy sale now it's a case of picking up odd bits, and then on to the rest of the family.

  9. How many weeks left!!! Can't get my head around it & I have 4 little darlings to buy for. Doesn't help that my husband says I have to wait for the early Xmas pay to do the shopping. I will just keep burying my head in the sand as they say;-0

  10. This year is the first year ive been super organised but with 2 little children i guess i have to be. Ive got most of the christmas presents and looking for christmas decorations as we speak x

  11. Yes I have, I've got a few bits and have started a list. Looking forward to it, I like the buying of the gifts aswell as the giving & receiving :o)

  12. Yes i have started as it is my Baby's first christmas and even though he is too young to know what is happening.. i am soooo excited! 🙂

  13. I started buying bits and bobs in September and already have a stash. Just helps with money and the time spent as well – prefer to avoid shops aside from just enjoying the ambiance in December.

  14. I have bought a couple of parents, but as per usual there a couple of people who I have no idea what to buy for. We are celebrated Christmas at my parents' this year, so need for any other preparations – bonus!


  15. Slowly getting ready, but moving home before Christmas which is taking all our time right now. Must get cracking on present buying!! x

  16. I'm halfway there: Christmas planning involves being well orgaised and getting stuff well in advance for about 70% of the time and then a frantic panic-buying session before the postal deadlines

  17. I bought 'make your own cracker kits', Christmas cards, gift tags, wrapping paper and lots of shiny new baubles in the January sales but I've still got a few presents to sort, and I haven't even thought about Christmas food shopping yet!

  18. Picked up lots for the kids as shops have had various deals on, don't like to pay full price for any toys if I can help it!

  19. Nope…my family has a lot of birthdays in November and December and I need to get them out the way before I can even start thinking about Christmas shopping!

  20. I've thought about the fact that I've got to start thinking about Christmas shopping soon and that's as far as I've got!

  21. I have bought one or two presents, I always start with one or two things early then end up panicking the rest at the last minute!

  22. No, I'm so behind and starting to panic! And I've got four children to buy for (and that's not including their 9 cousins!) Agghh!

  23. brought a couple of presents the otherday but still got loads to get, plus adults pretty scarey how quick its creeping up xx

  24. I usually leave Xmas planning to the last minute, i enjoy the rush and panic, it means i cant dither in shops lol

  25. I started ages ago lol. Its never too early to start on presents especially since the family keeps on growing 3 new babies for our family this year none for me though 🙁 lol

  26. I'm probably about 90% there…I am a bit OCD, so I love planning, and colour co-ordinating wrapping paper dependent on who the present is for. I only need to buy the bike for my daughter and a few other little bits and pieces, and all done – ready for a lovely relaxing December.

  27. I try not to start to early for christmas as I think if we all start early the shops will soon have the stuff in the shops selling in June and then by Christmas when it all should be magical everyones fed up with what should be a fantastic family time

  28. We have started making a few plans and I have got a few presents already but there is so much more to do! I don't want to think too much about it really!

  29. I am super prepared this year as last year i wasn't prepared at all, my baby was rushed into hospital and didn't come out until Xmas eve so it was a mad dash everywhere! and since my house is the hosting house for this years festivities i thought id better get a move on!!

  30. We going to my mums for Christmas, so no preparation for me :-). I've bought most of the presents I intend to buy, so I'm all ready

  31. I have 4 childrend and a stepson, if I win one, i'd just have to get the other 4 one to match! can't have it not matching on xmas day morning can you! Gorgeous
    Rosie x

  32. I have tiny presents that I started getting last week, am going to try to go a bit crazy this year as my little girl will be nearly 3 and will be excited like me- hooray! These socks look so cute and a bit like the one my mum made me when I was tiny- a shame I am not that talented!

  33. I started in the January Sales last year, I have a Christmas present box that I put pressies in for friends and family if I pick up any bargains

  34. I would say that my Christmas shopping is three quarters of the way done. 🙂 Just got little bits (extras) to buy and small gifts.

  35. So far so good – Got the 'Must Haves' today before they sell out. Cleaning house this week, then getting hall painted – carpet layed then decs up! Then drinking plenty of Bucks Fizz 😉

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