Take a box of eggs Review

were sent this lovely recipe book to use alongside British Lion eggs. I
especially liked the introduction about the nutritional value of eggs (being a
high quality source of protein) and how versatile they are. I do want to include more in our diets after
flicking through admiring all the pictures of delicious food.

There was a section about storing eggs and how to know if
they are fresh. I had no idea eggs
could be frozen (there are tips on how to do this successfully but you need to
get the book to see, no spoilers here!).

recipes all looked pretty mouth-watering, but I decided to give the cranberry
and white chocolate cookies a whirl.

are absolutely delicious, warm from the oven; they just melted in your
mouth! It is good in a way as now I can
get my boys to eat cranberries, its amazing the power of a cookie for
introducing them to new fruit!!!

I do have a newfound respect for food photographers the pictures in this recipe
book are well presented and appealing. 
I struggled to make my cookies look anywhere near as tasty as they were,
if anything they look slightly burnt in my pictures! Must try harder, but least everyone enjoyed a little bit of
cookie heaven today…

will definitely be dipping in this recipe book plenty more times in future; to
get idea’s for both sweet and savoury food. 
Lots of scope with 100 recipes to enjoy, all of which are very easy to
follow and in broken down steps. I
especially like the cook’s tips because as somewhat of a novice I need ALL the help
I can get…

The book is £9.99
including P&P and there is a special offer for people to buy it for £7.49
during October at www.britisheggweek.com

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