Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball Review

Giles Paley-Phillips is a very talented author and this
book is no exception. If anything I
think he has excelled himself here. 
This is the perfect book for my two boys aged 3 and 5.

them monsters are mysterious and ever so frightening. They get anxious that I check under the bed, on top of wardrobes
(seriously a monster would develop asthma with the amount of dust if it decided
to lurk there!!!) and behind curtains before they go to sleep.

I did wonder how we would get on with this book, I thought it might spook them
before bedtime. But it has actually
turned into the perfect bedtime story, a remedy for their night time
anxiety. They now think of monsters as
fun loving partygoers’ not creepy things. 

monsters are kind and considerate to the little girl character, even presenting
her with a special parting gift of a cake made of slime (and one thing monsters
don’t tend to share is slime, so that was very generous of them!).

rhyming text and colourful illustrations really set this book out as an
excellent choice for children, whatever time of year. But I do recommend getting a copy in preparation for Halloween,
as it is a great book to whip out to calm any nerves before trick and
treating. With an assortment of
monsters featured (werewolf, Dracula, goblin, ghosts and even a giant snake!)
whatever they feared they might now accept…

over to Amazon to purchase a copy for £6.29, you can even sit the children down
if your having a Halloween party for a spot of story time. It’s a lot less wet than all that apple
bopping business!

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