The art of pedalling

quite momentous when you child achieves something new. It makes you so proud!

youngest is finally able to ride his bike by mastering the art of pedalling, I
kid thee not he spent about six months firmly rooted to the spot as he insisted
on pedalling backwards…

many a frustrating session on his bike, he is now coming along
wonderfully. It took the added help of
a good friend and a kind elderly lady to give him a nudge in the right

I told my mum the news at dinner at their house, “I have
an announcement to make…” my mum promptly rolled her eyes and said, “your not
pregnant are you!!!” I was like “nooo
he can now ride his bike”. Cue much
praise and cheer all round.

proud of my darling son, to celebrate he will be getting a shiny bell for his
bike. Now we just need to get eldest
used to riding without his stabilisers!

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