The Jungle Bunch Review

I have not seen my boys laugh as hard as when they watched
this film. They were rolling around in
hysterics it was very funny indeed! 
Hubbie and I sat through the whole film too; occasionally when the boys
are entertained with a film we sneak off to catch up on chores for a short
while. But I was not leaving my spot on
the sofa for anything, who cares that the house was upside down, I wanted to
watch this with the boys.

main characters are quite a motley crew and its comical seeing them set forth
on a mission to protect the penguins in the South Pole from the mean and nasty
Walruses! Maurice is a penguin with a
difference he thinks he is a tiger and he is more amusing as he is always carrying
around his son, a tiger fish!!! Plus he
lives in the jungle… But having been raised by a tigress it comes as no
surprise his hunting techniques are finely honed (if not a little outrageous!).

really do wonder if Maurice and his friends will have any chance! But they pull out ALL the stops to save
those penguins. Miguel the tap anything
gorilla, got plenty a giggle from my two. 
It’s a lovely tale of teaming up and working together you really can
conquer adversity!

on DVD now from all major retailers and one you will not regret watching! So do yourself a favour, get a giant tub of
ice cream in and watch it whether you have kids or not!

a snip at £6.47 from Amazon. My boys
keep begging to watch it again!!!

Universal I salute you!

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