What To Expect When You’re Expecting Review

were sent a Blu-ray of this fabulous new film to be released on the 22nd
of October. Hubbie and I watched it
last night, curled in a quilt with lots of snacks, we laughed and I cried! It was a film of mixed emotions; it was
poignant, sad, funny and happy in places. 
It dealt with miscarriage, failed relationships, martial strife and
adoption but everything seemed to come together in the end for all of the five
couples we follow.

loved seeing a man’s point of view, the daily park walks with the dads and
their children were hilarious (dubbed “The Dudes Group”). He enjoyed a big part of the film centring
on dads for a change, even if some of their approaches to parenthood could be
somewhat refined!

felt you could relate to big chunks of the film as a parent. Luckily it did not make me broody! It did make me reminisce my own pregnancies
though. I think it’s important to
treasure every moment of your blooming tummy even if you do not feel the
“glow”. But if your neither pregnant or
have children this film will still appeal, it might give you a little taster
for the future (cue evil laughter!). I
love the very honest approach that Wendy has, with her warts and all
presentation at a baby conference! 
Hubbie says he thinks I was most like her pregnant with rampaging
hormones, I am not sure how to feel about that as I thought I was an easy going
and positively glowing lady in pregnancy! 
Evidently that was just my opinion…

Some great actors involved (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez,
Dennis Quaid and Chris Rock), I cannot believe quite how many they managed to
cram into one film! Plus all the
characters cross over really well, you feel like your watching a few different
films at first then everything ties in together nicely.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting is out on
DVD/Blu-ray from 22nd October

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