Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park Review

My youngest has really enjoyed playing with this Fisher Price toy. He especially likes getting his grove on and doing a little dance when the music is triggered (requires 3 AA batteries) by a car going down the ramp or just by himself pressing the button!

My eldest also joined in with the toy, by adding his own cars to the game, seeing which would go the furthest after whizzing round the roller coaster. But the set does come with two chunky cars as well.

It was a very sturdy toy that is simple to build. I can say that with every certainty as I did it myself whilst hubbie was at work, as youngest wanted to get in on the loop-the-loop action straight away. You do need a screwdriver but its a quick build as the instructions are very clear.

Here you can see a video of the toy in action (I love his “you want to see it, don’t worry” catch phrase!), youngest does have a shine for it:

It is a big enough toy for two children to play alongside each other. With two separate racing sections you can happily have competitions over who is the quickest. Eldest even integrates the toy into his den and hides behind it with other toys to sneak out on me! He is five and finding lots of different ways to interact with it and gain value from the toy. It is pitched at children 18 months through to five, so plenty of time for this toy to be enjoyed if you buy it for a little one.

It retails for around £44.99 but is currently on sale for £39.99 from Smyths. This would make a fantastic main Christmas present, the good size makes your child feel Father Christmas has been particularly generous!

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