Win with Skylanders Giants

have kindly offered me a fabulous giveaway to win a “Skylanders
Surprise Box” for your child to enjoy over half term! I will give you a little clue to put your out of your misery; it
does have Skylanders Giants in there!

My son is completely hooked on
Skylanders; he is counting the days till the Giants release with more
excitement than the days till Halloween and Christmas. It is that much of a momentous occasion for

Here is his latest drawing of the
much-loved Skylanders:

He completed the first game awhile
back, so he is desperate for fresh adventures, seeing new powers to unlock and
meeting the next set of characters! 
Having said that he is happily replaying all the earlier levels and
maxing out each of his characters, he has 21 in total so that has kept him busy! They are paraded out every day in a long
line, duly admired, sometimes played with, and then gently placed back into
their box with lots of tender loving care!

He wrote a list for Christmas and did not want to include
anything other than Skylanders, in case Father Christmas did not get the hint
and focused on other toys bypassing his need for all things Skylanders!

To enter all you need
to do if write in the comments section your answer to If I was a Skylander Giant, I would…?” I will then with the help of my eldest pick a
winner next Friday (the official launch day!!!).

84 thoughts on “Win with Skylanders Giants

  1. If i was a skylander giant i wud turn everyone into super heroes with magic powers and find april jones and fly her back to her mummy and daddy on a super fast rocket from cai xxx

  2. If I was a skylander Giant, I would help Father Christmas get to Barmouth, as a first stop, as quick as lightening making sure he dropped off all the skylander presents to the skylander fans asleep in their beds….ready for Christmas morning!!!!!!

  3. If I was a skylander giant, I would love to be able to use a portal of power to pull my gamer friend in the game to help the skylanders defeat Kaos, again

  4. If I was a skylander giant I would….. Make my brother a giant too and jump into Super Mario World and cause chaos.
    J aged 7 1/2

  5. If I was a SKYlanders Giant I would get all the ice cream in the world and splat all the baddies with it! While eating it too of course! 🙂

  6. “If I was a Skylander Giant, I would rule the world – I would give every child their wish/present as long as it was not dangerous!

  7. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would play with Humungosaurus and Optimus Prime as they would be just my size and it would be really awesome!!

  8. If I was a skylander Giant I would… Fight evil! Making the world a good place to live for our children, their children, their children…..xx

  9. If I was a Skylander giant I would use my tent for underpants and buy an extra specially big house for me to live in (Millie age 9)

  10. If I was a Skylander giant I would use cars as roller skates and skate down the motorway for fun (Finlay age 6)

  11. If I was a Skylanders Giant I would have all six children in bed every night, because they seem to pay more attention to Skylanders than they do to me !!

  12. If I was a Skylander Giant I would have the power to educate all children instantly so they didn't have to go to lessons, especially Maths

  13. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would go to London, and take in the views, instead of having to pay for them, from the likes of The London Eye and The Shard!

  14. i have just asked my boys what i should say and they said " if mummy was a skylander giant i would.. carry the kids round on my giant shoulders and they would be bigger than everyone and be able to see for miles and miles. and birds would nest on my head apparently!! lol

  15. If I was a skylander giant, I would go to school and say "like my power upgrades, want a battle" and of course I would win. That would make lunchtime much more fun and exciting.
    (From my 7 year old son)

  16. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would eat the clouds like they were candyfloss and slide down a rainbow. Weeeeeeeeee!!!!

  17. If i was a Skylander Giant, i would .. carry kids on my shoulders and let them touch the stars! (I might do something with the rain clouds too! & help dry up the UK)..

  18. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would play football with cars,wear boats as shoes and live in a massive house with a 100 inch TV!

  19. If i was a skylander giant i would help all the busy mummy's in the uk with their housework so mums have more time to play fun games with their children.

  20. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would knock on the windows at the Shard, and scare all the people inside who are not expecting to see someone staring at them from outside!

  21. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would blow all the rain clouds away during the summer holidays so everyone had a nice sunny holiday

  22. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would be totally awesome and be invisible so that i could sneak around and not been seen especially when getting into mischief.

  23. If I was a Skylander giant,
    I wouldn't cause a riot,
    I'd use the Portal of Power, whatever the hour,
    And make the evil Kaos cower!

  24. If I was a Skylander giant I could the christmas lights on the outside of my house without risking my life on a ladder…….and whilst I was there, I could clean out the gutters……YEY !!

  25. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would be a lot taller than I am now (4ft 11) then at least all the older primary kids at my daughters school wouldnt be taller than me lol

  26. If I were a skylander giants I would build "skylanders land" with skylander rides, skylander toys and skylander sweets.

  27. If I was a Skylander Giant, I would run in circles until my son tells me what to do bc it is all he can talk about and loves to tell me how to play my games.

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