Xia-Xia Toy Review

We were sent two of these funny crabs from Find Me A
Gift. We had Tobago and Trinidad but
there are two lovely lady versions too, Turks and Bimini would appeal to any
little girl. You can even buy them some
luxury accommodation to live in, but I think that was too girly for our
two. But they were very pleased with
the hermit crabs they had.

My boys are big fans of HEXBUGS but these are good to appeal
to children a little younger. They have
a certain charm about them, especially with a small friend living in their
shells and very friendly faces. They
have been able to roam about even on our carpet, which is great, as sometimes
getting anything to actually move needs a hard floor! They run around for a short while then you touch their claw to
set them off again. The longest they
run around for is 15 seconds, so if your hoping for a toy that is in constant
motion this is not for you. But I like
them, the little shell can hold other tiny things too, whatever your child decides
is worthy of a short ride!

They are currently on sale, so a good time to purchase
them. Good fillers to pad out the main
Christmas presents. I am finding it
harder living day to day, buying food and juggling bills, never mind making
sure the boys have enough lovely presents for Christmas day. But with prices like these you can soon give
the impression Father Christmas thinks they are exceptionally good children!

Tobago and Trinidad are £4.99 each at the moment, I like how
they arrived in plastic carry cases, nicely presented, so not a bad present for
a fabulous price! The quality of the hermit crabs seems
good too, hard strong plastic not flimsy breakable rubbish.

Find out more from their website.

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