Anniversary Competition Part 1

I am being horribly premature but frankly my boys have their beady eyes on one
of the prizes and at risk of it depleting further the competition NEEDS to go
live. On
the 27th of November my blog will be turning 1. A number of companies have kindly offered
prizes so you can celebrate with me. 
This bundle is the house/pet, two further ones are planned and the prizes get even bigger. But for now we have four lovely prizes for one winner (who hopefully has a dog or knows
one!), the prizes are:

A Baking Mad Bundle

plenty to inspire even the most lacklustre baker! With green icing, blue icing, orange flavoured chocolate buttons,
sprinkles, three different flavourings, one lot of black food colouring, chocolate to melt, edible letters… you
will be very well catered for here! You
can some jazz up your current cakes to something very interesting with this

So much I needed to take two pictures!

The flavouring comes in Lemon, Rum and Strawberry (12 bottles of each!). I could quite happily munch a lemon cake right now with my evening cuppa (my McVitie’s Sticky Toffee Apple Cake I am eating instead did not live up to my high expectations!). There are also 12 bottles of black food colouring included too.

A Monster Pet Supplies Dog Mattress

it so cold and miserable its nice to think you can bring some extra comfort to
your pooch! Even if you do not have a
pet dog yourself am sure a cat would be quite happy stretched out on this
instead. I know my two cats are quite
sad it has to be shipped out. I am
leaving it in the packet safe from their prying eyes! The luxury deep filled quilted mattress is 27″ so more suited for
a little dog I would think. They are
made to fit a plastic bed, so hopefully you have one of them already! But if not am sure your pet could sleep on
it as it is. It’s that soft and comfy I
defy them not to just collapse asleep on it…

OXO 3 in 1 adjustable potato ricer

This nifty tool worth Β£30 will revolutionise your mashed
potato! But it has lots of other
fabulous applications, so very versatile tool for any kitchen. Impress everyone by making chunky applesauce
or your own tomato sauce (my boys go through lots of the Heinz variety I think
I would love one of these myself!)

Picture courtesy of Lakeland as it shows the ricer in action! Am getting hungry looking at this…

An Umbra Bird Feeder

This very stylish bird feeder will be the envy of all your
neighbours. Priced at Β£29.99, it is too
fancy for a common sparrow! But
everyone will be welcome here, the modern design perfect for contemporary
gardens. Provided by find me a gift the ideal place to stock up ready for Christmas, with lots of novelty and
practical presents to please everyone in the family.

To enter simply complete the rafflecopter below by the 17th of November.
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203 thoughts on “Anniversary Competition Part 1

  1. I am excited by the pooch mattress – my dog sleeps on a hard floor in his crate at the moment – so this would make his day, month and year!

  2. The bird feeder, I am obsessed with watching the birds at the moment, getting so many now with it been cold and it is lovely to watch them

  3. The potato ricer would be a brilliant prize for me. Love mash – hate lumps! But not just for potatoes…oh no! Would be brilliant for swede or mashing most other veggies. oooh ooh just thought, could rice the potatoes and then fry into crispy bits like Rosti..oh see now you HAVE to let me win this one please!!

  4. I'm most excited by the potato ricer. We are slightly obsessed with mash in our house and I know this is the only thing that can help create perfect potato.

  5. Happy Anniversary & thanks for the great prizes. I'm struggling between the baking bundle & the potato ricer (I'm a sucker for a gadget!) I could make lots of lovely goodies when I visit the grand children or they visit me, but with the fabby gadget I could have fun! lol. Then there's the bird feeder that would be great for the garden & my little flying visitors that I love to sit in the window watching.

  6. I'd love the Baking Mad bundle – my kids would love me forever! But for myself I would prefer the bird feeder because I love watching birds in the garden

  7. I love the Umbra bird feeder. We love watching the birds on the feeder outside the living room window but this year's weather has really battered the feeders and they're looking quite tatty.

  8. I'd love the Baking Mad bundle. Actually I really love the bird feeder but it would be wasted on us as birds don't feed in our garden because the neighbours keep pigeons!

  9. I like the Umbra Bird Feeder. I am trying to make my garden more bird friendly so I can feed them. This would be a great prize.

  10. The baking set because I am getting more into baking and sometimes struggle because I do not have all the ingredients needed or food colouring to make something look better!

  11. It must be the baking bundle, just love to bake, though the dog I think would go for the mattress, the bf the ricer and my mum the feeder – but as its me entering its the baking ! lol

  12. The Dog Mattress because ive a new kitten who Loves our older cat and as his growing the space in the beds getting smaller lol so little pepper is all squished.

  13. I'd love to win the Baking Mad Bundle; my granddaughter's 5th birthday is coming up soon and we could make some very sparkly and jazzy cakes for her birthday; she's taken after her granny (me) in liking baking

  14. I'm loving the baking mad bundle, my granddaughter doesn't think its possible to over decorate a cake so more supplies are always welcome

  15. The potato ricer, I've wanted one for ages, but I think my husband would go mad if I bought any more kitchen paraphenalia! But if I won it he couldn't complain could he? πŸ˜‰

  16. ive got a potato ricer (not as good as this one) if you make cottage pie, mix the potato with butter then put it through the ricer on top of the mince, it makes the toping extra crispy when baked

  17. I would be really excited with the Baking Mad bundle – this would keep the children and myself busy all through the next weeks on the run up to Christmas, as they love baking and decorating.

  18. The potato ricer! – I need a new one, somehow managed to break my old one last week….no-one likes lumpy mash πŸ™ x

  19. My dog would love this and it would stop her sneaking upstairs to lie on the warm spot where the pipes run under the floorboards!

  20. They are all excellent prizes but i would most like the Bird Feeder, i have lots of blue tits and sparrows in my garden but most of them are frightened by the crows & pigeons, they would like their own feeder.

  21. The Monster Dog Mattress Trixie my 3yr old springer would appreciate it the most lol though I think my 4yr old would be just as happy getting on it with her most of the time x

  22. Its hard to choose, the baking goodies are fab, and id love them, but looking at my dog's bed that is starting to fall apart, smells and is in need of replacing, I think ill have to say the dog mattress. Though my dog is young so doesnt need softness like older dogs, she does much prefer a soft area to lie on (my bed if possible!) so a mattress for her would be ideal.

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