Anniversary Competition Part 2

Okay it’s still not officially my anniversary but seeing
as the first competition closes tomorrow, I thought what is the harm in
starting the next! After all these are
very exciting times on the Missing Sleep site! 
The anniversary is creeping ever near and I (unfortunately) am still no
closer to needing to re-brand! Last
night saw me up twice to settle youngest with nightmares, then he came into bed
with me and I had to kick hubbie out as it seemed easier than all that going
back and forth to reassure him! Rod for
my own back perhaps, but honestly when it’s the chance to get some much-needed
zzz I seriously do not care anymore!!!

in light of another spell of sleep deprivation I thought rolling out the next
competition might cheer me up somewhat! 
This is designed as a competition for glam mummies (but is open to
all!), yearning for the good things in life, decent chocolate in their tummies,
a fancy laptop case slung on their arm, some comfy shoes on their feet and a
few more treats to keep them smiling (when the sleepless nights, the endless
baby sick and tantrums get too much!).

the prizes on offer this time. One
winner will have a beam as big as a Cheshire cat with this bounty!

A Years Supply of Tasty Little Numbers Chocolate Bars

365 of these yummy bars you will be helping with your calorie counting but none
the wiser, as they are very delicious. 
You can read my review of more of the product range including these bars
here. Just try not to go crazy and eat
them all in one sitting!!! Dieting is
no fun; I hate restricting myself in anyway! 
I cannot give up chocolate it would break my heart! With only 100 calories I can easily burn that chasing
the boys, so I can still avoid the gym (like the plague!) and continue to enjoy in one of
my favourite pastimes (chomping on tasty treats!).

A Pink Lining Laptop Case

is the prize I covert the most! I am
green with envy giving this out as a prize; this is a very stylish
offering. Your laptop would be very
lucky indeed having a case like this to be transported in! Turn up in the office to a multitude of admiring (possibly
slightly jealous) glances, whilst they have to make do with the standard office
issue ones (in tones of black and more black). With an RRP of Β£65, if
you’re not the lucky winner, you could always beg your partner for one as your
Christmas present.

An assortment of Sakata Crackers

selection of the fantastic flavours to munch on, even my boys were quite partial to
these. So perhaps if you do not get a
chance to enjoy them yourself, you could use them to bribe the kids to help out
around the house. You can read our
review of these scrumptious snacks here, they also help with the whole dieting
thing if you were inclined as they are only nine calories per cracker! But if your still think “dieting” is a very bad
word, then just eat them because they are nice.

A pair of Cheekyshoes

are extremely comfy; you could walk for miles and feel happy in these. The colours are bright and bold, who wants
to be drab and grey when your feet can dazzle instead! For Β£19.99 they are affordable whilst still
making an impact. A pair of shoes can
really make an outfit and with these colours am sure you would get noticed.

delicious Jelly Belly Beans

lovely little boxes to enjoy (ideally when the children are in bed, so no
pestering you to share them!), one in Hello Kitty style the other Cocktail
Classics – now we are talking, the taste but not the hangover!

We love Jelly Belly here (in moderation of
course), the flavours are great and you only need a few to feel you have had a
real treat! They would make wonderful
stocking fillers, a nice change to a chocolate Santa that ends up smeared all
over the bedding!!!

Rachel’s Hamper

This organic yogurt brand has an extensive range of mouth-watering
flavours, we reviewed back in February, and I remember it being a hit for all
the family. It also spurned me on to
include their yogurt in our baking on a regular basis; it is surprising how
nice an addition it is to a cake! I
like my boys having yogurts, it is a reasonably healthy snack compared to the
sweets they badger me for, so it’s great to see that they have a range just for children.

To enter please complete the rafflecopter by the 27th of November (my actual anniversary date whoop!). I do ask you to go through lots of likes and follows but its good to support the generosity of these kind companies supporting me, so hope you join in πŸ™‚

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286 thoughts on “Anniversary Competition Part 2

  1. Happy Anniversary! Would love the laptop bag – its so cute! Have just treated myself to a brand new purple laptop because my Toby the cat spilt coffee on my ancient second hand one and messed the keyboard up! He done me a favour in the end!

  2. Ooh, the chocolate for me, as our wedding is in 2013 and although I would like to lose a pound (or ahem, stone) or three, I couldn't give up choccy, and with this lovely prize I would feel more in control of my snacking πŸ˜€

  3. Wow what a giveaway! Thankyou very much for the chance to win these fabulous prizes! I'd love the tasty little numbers bars! πŸ™‚

  4. I actually love the cheeky shoes! They're gorgeous and I've hinted very strongly that I'd like some from Santa πŸ˜€

  5. I love the Cheeky shoes; I've got awkward feet :-/ Whenever I buy a new pair I always get blisters and the plasters on the back of my heel don't look that attractive. The Cheeky shoes look perfect and so comfy, I may never buy a normal pair of shoes again

  6. The years supply of chocolate is amazing! πŸ™‚ I would have to make sure these were hidden away though! All of the prize sound great- I also love Jellybeans and the CheekyShoes look lovely and colourful. I would be over the moon if I won this, fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  7. A Years Supply of Tasty Little Numbers Chocolate Bars would do for me πŸ™‚ – doubt they'd last a year id probably scoff the lot in a month !!

  8. I love my food. It's the tasty little numbers (all the prizes are, but the choc bars) and they'll go a long way and make nice stocking fillers

  9. The Pink Lining laptop bag – wow! I didn't know they existed. I used to have Pink Lining changing bags, but I had to give them up a little while ago. But I need this laptop bag – it's beautiful!

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