Cbeebies The Album Review

boys have been strutting their stuff to this album since it arrived! I am just so glad to have a change from the
Rastamouse album we had in our goody bag at Lollibop, if I ever hear the whole
thing again, it will be too soon! When you
have listened to it on repeat on a six-hour journey to Yorkshire, you think
your ears might begin to bleed at some point…

it’s nice to finally mix it up with this epic album. We all love it, particularly for me because it contains a
staggering 50 songs so you get lots of variety on those long journeys. It is a lovely selection of all their
favourite Cbeebies programmes too and the Cbeebies presenter songs, I am quite
a fan of these when we watch Cbeebies. 
I love how a new season/occasion has its own song. I would play “It’s the weekend” with relish,
if it wasn’t for the fact, I then go to work… boo hiss!

boys love dancing; they are also partial to on the spot little games of musical
statues and musical bumps, they are good energy burners for any day! Usually I hum any old tune but having
enjoyed this CD I am more than happy to have this playing instead. Now your never at a loss what music to play
at birthday parties either, as every single track is very impressive for the
under 6’s!

The album is a bargain for £7.99 from Amazon and is available
to order for the release date today.

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