Complete Rustbucket III Review

were sent the Complete Rustbucket III from the Entertainer. It is currently reduced to £11.99 (from £29.99),
so quite good value considering how versatile a toy it is. Perfect for children with big imaginations
who love playing with their Ben 10 figures. 
My two are not as keen on Ben 10 as they were, but that is because we do
not have Sky anymore and I think they are missing catching up with his adventures
on the Cartoon Network (well that and for eldest everything is Skylanders at
the moment…).

were however quite keen to see the rocket van transform into different modes,
it made it have quite a lot of re-playability as you could enjoy it as one
complete rocket van or three smaller methods of transportation (a jet, a plane
and a chopper). So plenty of scope for
action scenes with other characters they already have (of which they have
heaps, I did not realise quite so many until they had this big Ben 10 play

set comes complete with two characters to play with in the shape of Gwen and
Jet Ray (so even if you do not currently have any Ben 10 characters this is a
good set to get you started). You are
even provided with stickers to customise your craft to your own liking.

your child loves Ben 10 you cannot go wrong with this especially for only
£11.99, it seems good quality for the price. 
It would not be a complete adventure without decent vehicles to engage
in battle and defense manoeuvres so a set like this is rather essential.

The Entertainer has lots of other star buys, so well worth a
visit in the run up to Christmas. We
bought some fabulous bargains including the Moon Sand Construction Crane only
£11.50 reduced from £23.00 – okay I vowed never to buy Moon Sand again as I
hate the mess, but at that price I could not resist anyway!!!

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