Fifty Gifts Review

were sent two new pets to welcome into our home! My welcome was quite short lived as they are exceptionally noisy
little things, but my two boys absolutely love them. They delight in showing visiting friends their merits, for Dexter
the Mad Muttz he has an uncanny ability to bring laughter through the medium of
farts and burps!!! Then we had a mouse
Chitter Chatters and he repeats back what you say but in a high pitched
squeak/squeal! My poor ears are
struggling to survive the experience but the smiles are worth it!

friend is debating getting a Mad Muttz as an extra for Christmas, even though
she has officially finished her shopping, she knows her son will go crazy for
the farts and burps. What little boy
does not love such grotty things! It is
perfect for them.

the two the Chitter Chatters has had more play. They like getting the mouse to repeat all kinds of things;
another favourite pastime is placing Dexter next to the mouse to hear him
repeat mousey style burps and farts!!!

really do bring a little bit of fun and novelty to Christmas. They are priced well too, especially if
you’re hoping to get your children a couple of little surprises if their main
present is expensive. The Chitter
Chatters have an RRP of £10 and the Mad Muttz RRP for £15. I think Annoying Monsters (RRP £15) would be
a good compromise as it does all the burping and farting, plus they repeat what
you say. I can see why it would be a
best seller.

can head to the website for more information and follow them on facebook! They run some competitions on there so might
be worth liking their page.

is available to buy from Amazon reduced to £12.08 and Chitter Chatters Mouse
for £9.92. Personally I quite like the
look of the Zap range for comedy stick on moustaches and eyebrows!

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