“Good Heavens” Drinking Yogurt Review

We were sent two cute boxes containing four drinking yogurts

They are aimed for the grownups,
but youngest could not resist helping me out with the Luscious Strawberry
variety. I was slightly gutted sharing
them to be honest, as I liked that flavour best. The second variety we had were Raspberry, Oats and Honey, this I
drank but not with the same relish of the first, but I am not a huge fan of
honey. I liked the addition of oats in
the yogurt though, as they are a good source of dietary fibre.

I think its great that they are bio-live yogurts though so
good for digestive systems. Being a
busy mum I always feel a little run down and stretched for time, so it’s quick
and easy drinking one of these on the go and restoring some balance! No excuses to skip breakfast when you can
grab one of these and drink it on the school run, a healthy and convenient
start to the day.

With less than 100 calories per bottle, it’s also a tasty
treat when you need something sweet but still keeping on your diet! Try and avoid reaching for the cake and
chocolate and see if one of these will soothe your cravings instead (although I can’t make any promises!).

Available to buy from Tesco and other supermarkets with an
RRP of £2.50 for a 4-pack. You can find
out more from their website.

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