Gousto Review and Giveaway

was very excited to be sent 2 x two person meals from Gousto. I had not heard of them before they
contacted me, but I thought the idea sounded quite novel and was pleased to
have the opportunity to give them a try. 
Basically you have a selection of ingredients arrive by courier
alongside detailed instructions as to how to make the meal.

One Meal:

Another Meal:

I am not very talented in the kitchen, so I did not have
high hopes even with following the detailed recipe I would achieve a gourmet
dinner, but I was amazed, it was truly delicious. Certainly as nice as anything I have ever eaten in a restaurant
but made with my own fair hands! I
think hubbie was surprised when he tucked in; he cleared his plate in record
speed. The only thing about the meal
was I tipped in all the cayenne pepper as suggested, but it was quite hot! So if you like your food mild, adjust the
recipe accordingly. I just followed it
like a robot; I should have used an element of my own judgement too!

meals we were cooking were Filipino Pork Stir-Fry with Black Beans and Sweet
Potato and Ras El Hanout Chicken with Barberry Bulgur. What I like about Gousto is the challenge to
try new ingredients you might not have before. 
It can really improve your culinary ability and confidence in the
kitchen. Having created something so
mouth-watering, I feel quite proud of myself. 
It is a long way from my pasta in sauce (from a jar) formula!

Filipino Pork Stir-Fry with Black Beans and Sweet Potato

Ras El Hanout Chicken with Barberry Bulgur

plus points about using a service like Gousto were the ingredients arrived still
chilled and in excellent condition after their journey to our house. I just put them straight in the fridge as
suggested. It was quite novel not
having to go out shopping for extra food and just arrive home and have it ready
for us. They do not seem to skimp on
ingredients either, they look decent quality, the meat especially, was a good
cut from an established butcher. I like
that there is less waste, it breaks my heart when at the end of the week we
throw stuff away. But with everything
measured out and portioned up, it is not a problem with Gousto.

With the Chicken recipe there had been a mix up with their
meat suppliers and the chicken portions were slightly smaller, I probably would
not have noticed anyway, but hands up to them for adding a note of apology and
a chocolate bar anyway. I think that
shows how seriously they value their customers; most companies would hope they
got away with it. Gousto went that
little bit further to make amends.

I think I would have been most likely to buy this when it
was just hubbie and I but with our two often-fussy boys I am not so sure. But they do need to learn to embrace new
foods, so it would probably be a good idea for families too! A couple bag is Β£42 a week, which hubbie and
I think is okay. It saves you having to
think about your main meals, you can come home and prepare them quite quickly
and start enjoying romantic dinners again… (Then stock up on fish fingers and
baked beans for the fussy eaters!).

can find out more information from their website.

are giving you a chance to win a Gousto gourmet box to enter
just fill out the rafflecopter below by the 4th of December.

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114 thoughts on “Gousto Review and Giveaway

  1. This looks quite an interesting idea, saves the effort of having to think what to make and go buy all the ingredients and prepare, so will save time so would come in handy for those days that u just want to take the easy route and still feel that you have made something rather than go for a frozen pizza or something junkish

  2. I love the sound of the Couple bag for 2. Although we're a family it would be great to try new foods and have a couple of romantic meals with my hubby.

  3. I really like this idea. Sometimes you see a recipe but are put off by the ingredients you don't have in the cupboard – this eliminates all that. Sounds like you have a hit on your hands with hubby clearing plate – a big thumbs up.

  4. I love to experiment but as others have said, not having the ingredients is always a put off… having to slog down to the supermarket, search for some obscure thing, not find it… always puts you off.

  5. All the ingredients together and pre-weighed, with no running around the shops trying to find special "one-off" items. And no storing of items you might only use once or twice. Clever idea

  6. The quality of the produce, the whole deal of receiving both ingredients AND recipes all ready so all i have to do is follow the instructions. Makes me feel like Nigella!!

  7. That everything is already measured out and complete – no raking in the back of cupboards for a spice that you bought ages ago and used once and now can't find!

  8. I love the fact that they provide everything for you – I've lost count of the times I've begun cooking and then realised I'm out of a vital ingredient! This is perfect for people like me who forget to refill!

  9. Nice, good fresh ingredients, the correct amount to cook the meal with. Makes it easy for people with not a lot of time to cook to have a good well prepared meal.

  10. these sound like a fantastic idea and would save hours in the kitchen an provide an alternative to the usual day to day dinners

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