Handpicked Christmas Catalogue

was excited to browse through all the Christmas gifts in the lovely
catalogue. It is hard not to start
highlighting lots of products, as there are some fabulous items.

were kindly offered an item to review; we picked the First Pottery set. I thought it would be an interesting craft
project for my boys and we have not done much with air-drying clay.

The set is priced at £12.95 and you certainly
get plenty for your money. The clay,
the ceramic paints and the tools. The
boys and hubbie enjoyed making a couple of pots. There are instructions of the three basic techniques to create
different styled pots. The instructions
are quite easy to follow and fairly comprehensive.<

only downside is the clay does take ages to dry, it said leave to dry overnight
but it took a couple of nights to be hard enough to paint!

My boys had to show extreme patience but
they managed and had a very calm and focused painting session. Youngest who on occasion can be very loud and
active, sat quietly, not jumping all over the table and enjoyed making his pots
look pretty! Initially he said they are
for his grandparents, but now is tempted to keep them to store sweets!!!

you’re looking for something to entertain your children over the long winter,
this set is a good introduction to something they might develop a natural flair
for. The pots make nice keepsakes to
treasure of your child’s handiwork! The
set is aimed for children 5+, but our three year old was very engaged by it

Head over to the website for more Christmas inspiration.

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