Sponsored Video: Rise of the Guardians

You just have to love these characters; it is great seeing a
film combining a diverse (if not a little crazy) mix of heroes, just seeing the
Easter Bunny wielding a boomerang was enough to get a giggle out of me!

I am a huge fan of children’s animated films, I used to
watch them quite happily prior to having children, its just now I can justify
it more readily. I cannot cope with
anything scary so I am well suited to the level of action found in a PG

Jack Frost is an easy going, loveable rogue, who enjoys
playing the odd prank and being somewhat of a lone wolf, but then he is dragged
off on an adventure (of a lifetime!) with a motley crew made up of other legends from our own childhoods. But perhaps not quite like
you have seen them beforeā€¦ I for one have never seen a heavily tattooed Santa
Claus before! I have seen almost every
possible beard combination but never tattoos!

Their job is to use their respective skills to protect the
children of the world. I think Santa
Claus mainly provides their transport from what I can see. But everyone needs a reliable vehicle when
overcoming evil forces! Jack Frost
seems rather ownage, with his spectacular ice powers, and the Sandman looks
partial to nappingā€¦

Going from the trailer it looks very funny, definitely one
family film to watch out for, ideally with oodles of popcorn (for the boys in
my life) and stacks of chocolate goodies (for me!) when it is released on the
30th of November. I had been
very excited to see the new Twilight film (having read the book), but now I
might be torn when I decide what to watch at the cinema next. Perhaps my nerves would handle the PG
content better!

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This post has been sponsored by Paramount, but all thoughts are my own

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