The mysterious incident of the Starfish in the garden

We awoke the other day to find a fairly large starfish making itself
at home in our back garden! We had no
idea how it arrived but it was sat on the grass, sadly missing the sea. I sent hubbie on a quick rescue mission and
he carried it back to the sea! I think
it will be okay. I hope so anyway.

I wonder perhaps if a seagull took fancy to it, then changed
its mind and left it for us, dropping it from the sky. Or perhaps the cats have been taking secret
trips to the seaside in search of edible morsels after I would not share my
smoked salmon with them!

Hubbie thinks it came over in the wind and rain lashing down
and flew on its own into our garden!!! 
I hope this is not the start of other random sea creatures
arriving! One is most definitely
enough, we already have two cats, a hamster and a time share dog (mostly she lives with my parents) in residence…

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