Turning ONE Yippee

is my blog anniversary. I am quite
surprised to have lasted a year and grown so much, so a HUGE thanks to all of
you for following me and visiting here. 
I have a very big competition to share with you guys to help wrap up
Christmas for the kids. The lucky
winner will have over £350 worth of children themed items to help take some of
the stress away!

are the prizes for the winner:

A Dream Theatre from Pabobo (RRP £65)

This looks fabulous for the little babies out there,
something to soothe and calm them before they nod off to the land of sweet
dreams. The projections and music
making for a pleasant approach to bedtime! 
I like the sound of sleep mode best, with this if the baby cries it turns
itself back on hopefully meaning you do not even have to leave the comfort of
your own warm bed! They have a short
interlude of entertainment then drift back to sleep.

Dotty Cookies from Byron Bay

Byron Bay have kindly donated 24 of their very
delicious Dotty Cookies, these make lovely Christmas stocking fillers for
children. They love the coloured
chocolate drops in them and the taste. I must admit I am quite partial to them too. Lucky for the winner with this many you have plenty to share with all the family.

An English
BB Bear from Bábógbaby (RRP £24.99)

are soft cuddly bears that are educational too, helping teach lots of new words. The ears, paws, feet and tummy are also covered in shapes and numbers to help with learning. 
The bear is a great little teaching aid to give your loved ones a head
start before school. They even have a Welsh Bear available which I am quite impressed by!

Monster Cookie Kit and Yummy Dough from Maps Toys

like this are huge fun. Letting
children get creative and in both cases you can help them eat the end
result (always a bonus!). We have not reviewed the Cookie
Kit but enjoyed making the Yummy Dough
It is quite novel having edible modelling dough to play with.

Bratz Funk and Glow Doll (RRP £24.99)

My son’s friend reviewed this doll and absolutely loved it, we are excited to feature it as a prize. You can read the full review here, but suffice to say dolls are getting much more sophisticated especially in this case with 3D glasses to see a glowing dress! Such a pretty doll complete with handy accessories.

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym (RRP £69.00)

This is a lovely baby gym provided by peanut & pip, that would appeal to little boys or girls with the neutral nature theme. Plenty to keep them occupied with lots of toys hanging from the arch, different sounds and textures helping develop your baby and give them some stimulation and entertainment.

HEXBUG Nano’s (RRP £6.98 each)

I have 10 HEXBUG nano’s waiting for a new home to scurry about in. My boys love their HEXBUG collection and return to it every day. If you have some of the habitats they would happily live there or if not they are quite good fun just to watch rushing around on any hard surface. Just be quick, they disappear under sofa’s and so fourth fast when they are free to roam!

Ava and Luc Red Elephant Pyjamas (RRP £21.50)

My rather fabulous friend and owner of DaisychainBaby has offered these gorgeous Pyjamas for my giveaway, in size 3-4. The design with the bold red colour and elephant pattern would appeal to either a boy or a girl making for a very stylish bedtime!

Brother Max Bear Carry & Hang Nightlight (RRP £29.99)

These definitely caught my eye, I think its a clever idea having a night light that can hang on a child’s door that they can then pick up and move if they need to go to the toilet in the night or need more reassurance. I am realizing more and more how much comfort a little bit of light brings to children in the dark. Its really important to help settle them at night to have some light source, just one that’s not too bright to disturb sleep just like the soft glow of this cute bear. These even stay cool so can be kept in the bed.

Bigsby Storybook and Buddy (RRP £19.99)

I love this little fella, he is cuddly soft and a great way to encourage reading. He is very loveable and the perfect accompaniment to the book. Bigsby contributes to the story as you read aloud, so a great incentive for children to learn the words.

Selection of Shampooheads products

I love watching Dragons Den especially when the Dragons scramble all over themselves when they realise the pitch is pretty impressive and see the potential of the product and the team behind it and want a piece of the action. I thought Shampooheads sounded great myself as a parent of two boys (after all boys are officially noise with dirt on them!). The products have scratch and sniff sections and do smell divine. The bottles are easy to handle and dispense the right amount, my boys tend to be over generous otherwise, so I think this feature is especially helpful to avoid waste. I know it sounds silly but it breaks my heart when they have half a bottle on there hand in one use otherwise! My boys like having spikey hair but I do not think there are many child friendly gel options available and we have used adult gel before for them which I do not think is ideal, I will definitely be giving Busy Bob Crazy Gel a try.

Jurassic Jimmy from WOW Toys (RRP £16.99)

We are being sent one of these sets to review, both my boys are fans of dinosaurs and this set seems to have plenty for imaginative play. With a vehicle, a couple of dinosaurs, a cave man and a dinosaur egg to crack there is lots of scope for adventures and the two of them could use the set together quite happily, so I think its good value and another lovely prize to the list. WOW Toys look very sturdy and chunky, just right to be handled by youngsters.

To enter all you need to do is fill in the rafflecopter below by the 6th of December.

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  1. What an amazing bunch of prizes! Congratulations on reaching your first milestone. Keep doing what you do so well 😉 xx

  2. Happy anniversary! I completely missed my first year anniversary, I'll have to try and do something for the second. Amazing prize too!

  3. Merry anniversary! What a brilliant comp, this will certainly make someone's Xmas very special! Twitter-

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