Warner Brothers Blogging Party #wbmumsuk

Over to my boys lovely godmummy and my roaming reporter, who attended the Warner Brothers blogging party. She kindly traipses all over London on blogging missions for me! I love a spot of gaming myself, so gutted I could not be there!

“The great thing about having a friend who is a blogging superstar but doesn’t live in London means that I end up getting a chance to head off to some fun and fabulous events on her behalf. None more so than the Warner Brothers Blogging Party which took place at Warner Brothers in Holborn. Sometimes I do admit I feel like a bit of a fraud rocking up childless but I am young at heart and can party with the best of them!

The event itself was perfectly pitched at mum bloggers and half term. The day before Halloween, with a face painter on hand and “Shaggy” the entertainer doing his great magic tricks, it was a perfect and different way to keep the children entertained whilst making them the envy of all their friends by getting to try out some products which aren’t even on the market yet.

One of the most popular games on display was Harry Potter exclusively on KINECT for Xbox 360. Using KINECT’s scanning technology, for the first time players can create a witch or wizard in their own likeness to become part of the gameplay, which is perfect for anyone who wants their very own avatar experience. Using controller-free and voice recognition technology available only on KINECT, players will attend Hogwarts, interact with professors, students and friends, call out spells to cast against opponents, brew potions, and even fly as they race on broomsticks to be the first to catch the Golden Snitch in a Quidditch match! This looked like a great game to not only draw children into the magic of Harry Potter but get a little bit of exercise from them at the same time. Harry Potter on Kinect for Xbox 360 is available to purchase now from Amazon retailing at £24.99 with a certificate rating of 12.

The game which caught my eye the most however had to be Lego The Lord of the Rings. A perfect game for the whole family, even generally incapable types like me could have a go and it really brought to life the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy complete with the entire script from the film and original voices of Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, John Rhys-Davies and others. I loved the creativity – that you could take a classic story which has lasted generations, mix it with a toy (Lego) which has also lasted generations but bring it all right up to date for a modern and let’s face it – pretty demanding audience really – in a gaming format. Whilst each story is followed, there are plenty of opportunities and scope to pick from one of 80 playable characters and create your own elements of the story. What’s even better? It’s Lego. No-one dies. They might get broken into pieces but you can just build them back up again, which is great for smaller children and people like me who don’t really agree with violence in games for kids.

The Lego The Lord of the Rings will be available in November across all formats – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC. The cost varies depending on what format you would be purchasing, but I have to say it makes a great Christmas present! You can follow Lego The Lord of the Rings on Twitter.

I also saw demos of various media sharing devices which essentially waves goodbye to stepping out to rent a DVD and may well herald the end of current services like Love Film. The Sony Entertainment Network has a newly launched store layout, with an integrated interface featuring the best in movies and TV shows. With just one account and one login you can watch, listen, play and share across multiple devices. Moving on to Xbox Video, you can take entertainment everywhere using any connected Xbox 360 or Windows 8 device. Xbox LIVE is the online service for your Xbox 360—and a whole lot more. With Xbox LIVE, your TV is transformed into an amazingly connected entertainment experience. Play Kinect and controller games with friends wherever they are or instantly watch HD movies, TV shows and sports. Use Kinect Voice Search, powered by Bing, to discover entertainment options that interest you—just say what you want to watch, and Xbox finds it.

KnowHow Movies is a great service which allows you to watch all the latest blockbuster movies online without a subscription fee – just pay for what you watch! Simply create an account and see 1000s of hours of film and TV, all in easy to search format. Currently available on PC, Mac, iOS, Samsung and LG Smart TVs with Android and gaming devices coming soon. UltraViolet allows you to create a digital collection of movies and TV shoes available with the purchase of specially marked Blu-ray discs and DVDs. You can use Flixster to instantly stream and download UltraViolet content across a wide range of devices including computers and compatible tablets, smartphones, game consoles, internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

I have to say that when technology changes as fast as it does, I have no idea how all these concepts either keep up with it, or find themselves a profitable niche in the market but they do! As I discussed with one of the ladies at the event, you never know what’s around the corner – 20 years ago no-one would have thought of mobile phones being so huge. Soon we’ll all be watching movies and playing games in the clouds. Is that how it works? ;o)”

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