Born to Toddle Review

I was sent a £20 voucher to pick some lovely bits and pieces
from the Born to Toddle website.

The site is tailored for children 0-5 so with two boys aged 3 and 5 they were well catered for here. So I had somewhat of a little
struggle as there were so many great items to pick from, I settled for two
from the arts and crafts section. I
also spent a little bit more of my own money, as I really liked what I saw to
get a jigsaw to squirrel away for the Santa stash! Another bargain for only £3.95 and one to help eldest know more about
Britain and Ireland.

The Finger Painting Party Set was only £13.99 reduced from
£21.95. I was impressed with how much
was included in the handy storage bag.

Even when the paints were quickly exhausted (all over the paper, table,
floor and walls!) we were left with useful tools for future arty sessions. The tools helped create some interesting
patterns and it was good for youngest to experiment with and get messy! He was very proud of his attempts and luckily the paint was easy to wipe off everything with just a baby wipe (hooray for baby wipes they seem to magically clean everything!!!).

The second set was a Swirl ‘n Spin Art pack, but they do not
appear to stock it now as I cannot find it, I guess everyone thought like I
did, another interesting bargain to get the children involved in being
creative so quickly bought them all. They really have great
presents for Christmas. This is one site you should check back regularly to see the special offers before they disappear.

It is worth keeping an eye on their facebook page if you
like competitions as they have given away a few £20 vouchers lately. If I have not yet convinced you to head straight to their website then the words of the founder should inspire you:

“As we strive to provide children with a sense of adventure and excite them on their educational journey, I feel our products will help engage a child’s imagination and foster creativity”, Jacqui Greet, Co-Founder, Born to

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