Christmas Elf Competition

I love competitions, the chance of winning something shiny
and new. Space is a premium at our
house, the boys toys are taking over, one day I will be found hidden under a
pile of LEGO, having lost my way going about my daily life! So entering a competition to win a Kindle
Fire HD should help free up some room for those who hoard books! Maybe then I could start to get on top of
all the toys… I love reading, its very relaxing after a hard day parenting, so
with this nifty gadget I would be in my element!

is very simple to enter the competition (and also lots of fun) so I could not
resist giving it a try. You just need
to head to the SSE facebook page and help out the elves. It is a fabulous little game to get that
festive feeling, although my hand is a little sore after manically tapping the
arrow keys to get the poor elf sprinting to help charge the Kindle Fire
HD. I felt tired out just watching
them, especially the little fella on the treadmill. The guy holding the torch looks like he got off lightly when they
were handing out tasks. My laptop
groaned as I gave the arrow keys such a vigorous workout! My sympathies to the elf that got jumped on
his tummy! I think I would definitely
be a torch bearing kind of elf!

can find the game here. It serves as a
thank you from SSE at Christmas. The
prize would make a lovely gift for a special family member or close friend, but
I would be sorely tempted to hang on to it for myself. Although I definitely would not be reading
books in the bath anymore with this piece of kit! I do not mind dropping the odd paperback into the water, but not
a Kindle Fire HD!!!

Entries must be received by 4pm on Tuesday 18
December to ensure that the winner gets their gift before Christmas!

You can find out more about SSE from their website.

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