Lakeland Fairy Tale Cottage Mould

on the second attempt we managed to make the adorable chocolate cottage. First attempt was no fault of Lakeland, just
rather I got peckish seeing all the Cadbury’s chocolate and did not melt it
down in time, it went straight into my tummy! 
So I had to keep you all on tender hooks until I had a chance to restock
my chocolate supplies and try again.

mould was very easy to use (we had the Lakeland chocolate melting pot make
light work of melting the chocolate) and the end result is impressive. We could have spent longer decorating but
the boys were eyeing up the chocolate and Smarties wistfully and it was only a
matter of time before the chomping commenced!

The walls were made of thick chocolate, so very moreish! I had to have a cup of tea straight away and
get in on the house eating before it was demolished! I think this is a perfect festive treat, with older children you
can really go to town decorating it too, so quite a fun activity for all the
family with the added value of being a tasty edible indulgence afterwards.

mainly stuck with milk chocolate except where we ran short and improvised with
some dark chocolate we had in (for the hidden walls). But you
can of course use white chocolate as well or a combination of all of them to
make a chocoholics delight! I love the
picture Lakeland have on their website, with white chocolate button slates
(complete with sprinkles) on the roof and other lovely detailing around the
windows and snow frosted garden.

Our higgledy-piggledy attempt
may not be visually outstanding it was however a great first attempt and now we
shall have an incentive to improve through the years. A chocolate house at Christmas I have a feeling will be something
lots more families’ start doing as time goes on! For £11.99 the mould is superb quality that will fare you well as
you create your own masterpieces, you could make Chocolate cottages as presents for
family members (and then visit shortly afterwards to help them eat it!).

mould is easy to wash clean afterwards. 
You can also use the mould to make gingerbread creations but I think
chocolate is where my heart is! Head to the website to order your own.

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