love 2 read Personalised Book Review

We were sent a fabulous book completely tailored for my
eldest. I love the idea behind this
company; you pick the pictures and the text and create a one off book for your
child. There are plenty of guidelines
and it was very simple to do, at the moment we are trying to do as much as
possible to encourage a passion for reading in my five year old. He is coming along well and this book is a
great asset to help his ability, but it’s hard to keep him motivated. Although having seeing pictures of himself,
his brother and family has definitely spurned him on.

at £14.99 with postage on top this is more than I would normally spend on a
book, but given the uniqueness of the finished article I think it is worth the
money. Plus there are savings to be
made for multiple book orders, which is helpful. It is a small book (but probably ideal for youngsters attention spans),
however it is filled with memories. If
you are struggling with sibling rivalry like I often think I am, you can make a
book and fill it with pictures of each of them to try and foster better
relationships between everyone! Eldest
had a book packed with how much fun his brother and him have, how they enjoy
visiting places and exploring.

But I
also had enough room to fit in some of his favourite things too (Skylanders had
to have a mention of course!).

picture and text quality were good. I
like how each picture is in a frame on the page, so visually appealing. There is also a “can you read the words
page?” – with a couple of the most common words used in your story. I think it would be better if you could
actually have six different words here, rather than two words repeated three
times each.

think I pitched some of the book correctly but did choose a few tricky words to
challenge him, but the beauty of this company is you can cater the book to
whatever level you choose, with a few or lots of words per page.

liked the page showing nine of the photographs again, he then recapped and
elaborated without the help of the words in the book. It is a good prop building discussion about the photo’s,
developing his comprehension further.

find out more head to the love 2 read website.

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