Sponsored Video: Boots Christmas Advert

love how everything is gearing up for Christmas, the festive adverts, the
Christmas music, and the mainly mince pie diet… I am turning a blind eye to the Easter eggs I have seen dotted
around our local supermarket (seriously!!!).
I am focusing on all that is shiny and glitters and relishing in the 14
short sleeps till Christmas.

cannot wait to see the reactions of everyone I know and love when they open
their presents, I get more excited about giving than receiving these days (as
long as there is something chocolaty wrapped up for me I am a happy
bunny!). I have tried to pick presents
that will last longer than the day itself; I want them to really enrich the
lives of my nearest and dearest. It is
great when a present can open up new opportunities (or adventures), life needs
a bit of excitement and Christmas is the perfect time for it!

advert seems so natural as it actually has real families on it, instead of
actors faking the feeling of family cohesion. 
It’s all about well thought out presents, really making a difference for
the ones they love. My favourite part
is the saying “let’s make you into a unicorn” as the little girl styles her dog’s
hair! Am glad it’s not only my poor
pets that get harassed by the kids! 
Although that dog seems to be enjoying the pampering quite nicely, thank
you very much!

Visit the official Boots website for inspiration.

is a sponsored post for Boots, but all thoughts are my own

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