Tis the Season to be Jolly

I have been tagged by the lovely Attachment Mummy to answer
some Christmassy questions. Seeing as
it’s less than a week away now and I do love this time of year (I do have a
penchant for mince pies and Christmas pudding after all!) I thought I better
get on the case!

What’s your favourite thing about

I love the build up, the first sightings of
Christmas tree’s (and decorating our own), the start of the many grotto visits, hearing my boys
practising for their school performances (snippets of song filling the house!)
and I am especially fond of the Christmas food, although I would gladly avoid
sprouts at all costs! Nasty green
vegetable!!! The day itself is so magical
seeing their faces having their Christmas stocking and later their presents
from Santa. I would quite happily have
nothing on the day itself, all I want is the pleasure of seeing two very happy
contented faces.

Demonstrating the how not to decorate your tree pose!

What is your favourite make-up look for the
festive season?

I agree with Attachment Mummy washing my face
is a luxury; time to actually preen myself is something of the past. Actually to be fair even back then, I never
really did more than a little token mascara, lip gloss is too sticky, it drives
me mad. I am also not that keen on the suffocating feel of foundation on my
skin! I am a low maintenance girl
through and through, if you’re lucky I might brush my hair for you!

Real or Fake trees?

We have never had a real tree, I know they
smell nice but I hear some people are driven to distraction with the falling
needles. I would like one to try at least once, but with a restricted budget and a perfectly competent fake tree
(very large and quite beautiful) it’s a one-day kind of moment. The cat seems content chewing on the fake
tree as it is; I dread to think what he would be like with a real one! No doubt scaling to the top in search of

Giving or receiving presents?

Definitely giving, I want to see if I choose
well and if they seem happy, the boys especially. Nothing beats their radiant smiles on Christmas day. If I was given an ipad though, perhaps I
might change my tune, but as it is my needs are quite small on the whole, choccies and some
warm socks and I am a contented bunny!

Do you open your presents in the morning or

The present opening commences in earnest in the
morning, as long as everyone is up and washed (and dressed – my mum’s ideals!)
then we can get stuck in! Although this
year I am going to see if we can get away with staying dressed in onesies for
as long as possible! Often the present
opening goes on for many hours, as my boys used to get fatigued from all the
unwrapping but as they have got older the amount of time to get through it all
has reduced (and luckily the dog helps them out too!).

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

We love Elf and watch it over and over
again. I am keen to see what Arthur
Christmas is about, so might be one to add to our list (when its reduced, currently £10 on
Amazon, not going to happen!). We
enjoyed the Santa Clause the other day when it was on television. We have the Muppets Christmas Carol, eldest
loved it last year, after an initial reluctance when he thought the puppets
looked a little scary.

What is your favourite Christmas food?

I love the traditional turkey dinner with all
the trimmings, but I think it’s the sweets that I look forward to the most; I
very much enjoy the mince pies, Christmas pudding and Christmas cake and really
go to town on all those dried fruit offerings! 
My mum makes a rather delicious trifle too. Cheese board does not interest me as I spend far too much of the
year living on a plain cheese sandwich for lunch as it is!

I am going to tag Really Rachel, This Is Life, Katie Cupcake Cymru and Unique Young Mum ever hopeful they can take part, but given the proximity
to Christmas and the long lists of tasks to do, I leave it to your discretion
if you would like to get involved!

Christmas love to you all x

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