When you have a bump

No I am not talking about the one you sport when your
pregnant but rather the one that happens when another car, truck, lorry, flying
saucer (delete as applicable) knocks into your car. I have a license but rarely drive so am clueless to the
formalities when it comes to being in a car that gets bumped (I was a passenger
on this occasion).

It is easy when
you’re anxious, it’s quite a shock after all, to forget to get the right
information. Never has it been so
important as when the driver in question then changes the story when it comes
to telling they’re insurance. 

help you out:

At all times have some paper and pen in your car
(ready to whip out if needed and get all the important stuff detailed!)

Make sure you get witnesses there and then, take
their names and contact details (of any drivers, pedestrians, passengers that
may have seen what happened).

Details of the other car (registration number and

Insurance details of the other driver

If a police officer is attending get all their
relevant information

If you have a camera (even using your phone) take
photographs to document everything (damage to the vehicle, road position)

Make a note of weather conditions, road markings etc,
anything that might come in useful when you submit your claim

goes without saying help out any people who are injured first, but if you’re
all okay just a little shaken it’s important to get everything in order and do these things.

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