ACHICA Wishlist

had heard of Achica before, having seen adverts on the television but did not
quite find the motivation to have a good nose until I was dangled a voucher
enticingly in front of me! It is hard
to resist an opportunity to have someone else pay for your shopping, so I
quickly made a visit to the site.

eagerly dived into the Achica homeware section to have a look
after noticing so many good discounts on quality items. Some new bedding would be perfect to jazz up
our tired looking bedroom! It certainly
could do with brightening up, it’s all chocolate in there and however will I start
the New Year diet when my bedspread and curtains remind me of a giant bar of

Wishlist item 1

After some reflection I thought the crisp
white duvet cover reminiscent of hotel stays away might help the bedroom look
fresh and classic (just need to remove the stickers the children kindly donate
on our walls on a regular basis to complete the look!!!).

Quite inexpensively you can turn
your home into a stylish retreat. I
know visiting mums on playdates would be impressed seeing delicate tealights,
beautiful smelling candles and pretty ornaments dotted around the place
(replacing the usual unfilled paperwork and general clutter. They will probably think they are in the
wrong house!).

Wishlist item 2

One of the modern inspired bird
prints, great for covering crayon marks and I love the message! “Most of all, be you”

The food and drink looks equally

Wishlist item 3

As many of the food items hubbie
will let me squish into my virtual trolley! This is a great way to sample new flavours at the fraction of the price. I would also include some gourmet popcorn for the kids, just for the novelty of the different spices. Our family film time will be on a whole new level!!!

The beauty of the
site is the offers keep changing, so you know when you revisit there will be
more exciting offers on luxurious items. 
I definitely recommend a visit here.

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