Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live Show

son and his friend were sat absorbed throughout the show, attention only
breaking briefly to pop another sweet in their mouths. Very interactive show, lots of opportunities
to sing, dance and clap along with the cast (even encouraging the adults to get
off their bottoms!).

for 12 + months but there were some babes in arms crying intermittently bless
them, until the scene where the cast “sssshhh” and get us all to do the same,
the babies followed suit and it was nice and peaceful afterwards lol!

The show was a pleasure to watch with more than a
sprinkling of magic, great costumes and well thought out set design and
props. This is a perfect show for Ben
and Holly fans or any child under 5 we would say. My little elf was pleased to have made the journey to Venue Cymru
to see it. In his own fine words this
is what he thought of it:

“Lovely, wonderful, beautiful. I
liked the jelly flood. I want to go

giggled about the slime from the snail, the burping frog and the king’s sudden
hair growth! Plenty of smiles and
laughter and the good thing is there are plenty more performances until August,
leaving lots of time to make sure you take your child for an enjoyable and fun
filled experience.

show lasts 1 hour 20 minutes including the interval, but this is long enough
for this age range, so good value overall. 

over to their website for further information on venues and dates.

One thought on “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live Show

  1. Oh, lmol! I am in the process of organising A Little Kingdom Birthday Party for my son and stumbled on your page. The picture is so cute. Still trying to debate whether to turn the pool into a jelly flood….NOT going to happen!

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