I love holidays

love holidays for that welcome change of scenery and doing things you do not normally
get a chance too. My boys require quite
a lot of entertaining to keep the arguments at bay and to burn through all
their energy! So my ideal holiday would
have plenty to keep children occupied, so come 7pm they fall asleep with
minimum fuss and effort, meaning mummy and daddy can recoup in front of the TV
or with a decent book.

Holiday smiles are priceless

It does not matter for how long you get away, even weekend breaks are refreshing. It is nice just
having a break from the running around to one after school club after another
and letting someone else take care of the entertainment and in my case ideally
the food. I am a hopeless cook, so find trying to rope together a balanced meal
for the boys is often stressful, there are only so many ways you can present
baked beans!

was an article in the Daily Mail about why holidays are healthy, one of the
suggested reasons were creating happy memories you can then call on when your
feeling low. So when I go on a holiday
booking frenzy and hubbie raises any objections (with a big frown on his face) I plan on quoting how much I am
helping keeping him and our boys in good health! Mind you some holidays are such good value I do not think even
hubbie would grumble about finances, like Butlins for example. I was watching a home video at a friends house and the site in
Skegness looks great, lots for children all included in the price, her girls
even got to cook with Katie from Cbeebies, I was impressed!

parents used to take me to Butlins with my brother when we were little, I think
its time to introduce my boys to the whole Butlins experience… I for one have fond memories of our times there!

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