Lakeland to the rescue

chores I approach with little enthusiasm or just try and ignore all
together! That is how our oven has got
into such a state, just look at the photo before Lakeland came to the rescue its quite shocking! Elbow grease alone was not a match against
grime and food debris very much determined to stay… YACK I feel a little ill
thinking about it!

poor mum was anxious that it was a fire hazard, mums will always worry about
their children, it seems hardwired in us somehow. So to stop her fretting anymore, I got Lakeland to help me
out! But I am so glad they both gave me
the push I needed, as having looked on websites since, it is a real danger
and one we shouldn’t overlook, however tedious a job it can be.

made it a pretty painless task as it was. 
Quite affordably you can sort your oven out with some decent cleaner
(Oven Mate Cleaning Gel, £7.99) and a Magic Oven Liner (£9.99). The cleaning gel was simple to use, you just
paint it on with the included brush and then leave it to do the hard work (the
length of time left on depends on how awful the state of the oven, so in our
case many hours!). You even get a pair
of gloves to make sure you keep your hands safe (as I was writing notes I obviously
had to nominate hubbie to do the manual work!). This gel is not suitable for self cleaning ovens, not that I am
entirely sure what these are, they sound heavenly though, an oven that cleans
itself… until then the magic of this gel is more than wonderful enough for us!

the oven was back to its former glory it was easy to adjust the magic liner to
fit the bottom, with this catching everything and being removed without difficulty to be
cleaned under the tap. 
Our oven will never be a prime Kim and Aggie candidate again!

the New Year underway and in most cases ovens that have been very busy over the
Christmas period with all those Turkey dinners, I think you owe it to your
family to give the darn thing a good scrub! 
It is quite the novelty being able to see into our oven without opening
it anymore and I know my mum is sleeping more easily for us having done this
very important chore.

can find out more about Lakeland over on their website.

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