Lionsgate Ape Escape Review

We were sent the hugely entertaining Ape Escape. My boys loved everything about it, the music
had them dancing and the episodes had them laughing non-stop. The episodes are very short so when the
first ended they had really sad faces, but when I explained there were 18 more
on the DVD they soon cheered up!

I found it very funny for me too. Something I am more than happy to join in watching with
them. The monkeys get up to all sorts,
having driving lessons, being terrible plumbers and dreadful ice cream servers,
but they do seem to try their best. 
Their botched attempts at everything is why I think its so amusing. Even
the villain Specter has no joy in taking over the world, as he seems far too
busy dealing with his monkey minions.

It is based on the video games but we have never played
these, so had missed out on having these charming cheeky apes in our
lives! I am glad that’s been rectified
now. But if your children are familiar
with the video games too, then this will be an even bigger hit I am sure!

My boys gave this a big thumbs up!

The DVD was released on the 18th of February and
is available to buy now from Amazon for just £5.99.

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