New Year and New Resolutions

Year was very tame this year, like most of them to be fair, we are not very
rock and roll hubbie and I. We were
even tucked in bed before midnight!!! 
But we have worked on some resolutions.

not to feel so guilty (I always feel like I could be a better mum, with better
tactics like super nanny!). But overall
I am an okay mum and do try my best. I
have started doing more chores and hoping (praying) they play together more,
but oh my do they squabble, every five seconds its mummy he did this, mummy he
did that… Doing any job seems to take 10 times as long with all the toing and froing for calming hostile situations! But I always make sure I leave time for some
board game playing, a walk and a craft activity.

We are going to try and go on a healthy eating drive. Going on the remaining contents of the giant
box of goodies we have, we are in for a challenge! By the time we have chomped through that it will be February and
then the novelty of a fresh New Years resolution will have worn off and we
might as well keep eating chocolate until December 31st and try
again for 2014!!!

Also hopefully be better with money, try and budget, give up my tombola
addiction (I blow far too much cash at school events!) and do some meal planning…
I dream of a holiday abroad, sun on my back, cocktail in my hand and the lovely
smell of coconut sun cream, whilst the boys play idyllically on a golden beach…
but if not just a break anywhere for a change of scenery would be fabulous.

A toast of good health for 2013 for all my followers!

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