Parcels make me smile

love getting parcels in the post with the big unknown of what might be hiding
inside. Especially when it’s an
unexpected treat from a PR company, in the shape of some delicious chocolate or
something nice for the kids (to keep them occupied and give me some peace and
quiet ideally whilst I am eating the said chocolate!).

boys now seem to share my enthusiasm, probably because our post has been
considerably more interesting since I started blogging. Here is youngest brandishing a little trowel
in an attempt to remove the packaging tapeā€¦ he tends to use whatever toy he has
closest to hack into the box! He is
always hopeful of a new toy to review, if he decides the contents are not
worthy of his full attention, then he does allow myself to regain custody of the

But sometimes our parcels arrive looking like they have
been through a battle just making there way to our front door (even before
youngest has got his hands on them!), the sides are battered and its partially
opened with the contents peeking out. 
In this case I lose my sense of much loved mystery and intrigue when I can see
what’s inside the box as soon as I take it off the delivery person! Luckily most of our packages come from
Parcelforce and are always well wrapped and tend to arrive in one piece.

I have started sending the odd parcel as competition
prizes to my lovely followers, so I do not want their package arriving even a
little distressed, so I found it helpful searching up packaging hints and tips,
after all I want them to feel the same thrill of a package arriving safely.

Here are the contents of one of our latest
deliveries. A pair of bed socks
(cashmere no less!) from The White Company, my feet are all set for a warming
treat tonight! Not sure how impressed
hubbie will be at myself for adding more layers mind!!!

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