Quick beauty tips for a yummy mummy

No matter how much we love them, kids can change our bodies for good. Pregnancy takes its toll on our breasts, tummy, hips and other features, but we may not need a boob job procedure or a bout of liposuction to look good. In fact, a little pampering while the kids are in bed is all it takes to revitalise your appearance, so here’s how to feel like a yummy mummy.

Scrub away that dead skin

Being a mum is exhausting. A lack of sleep can leave you tired and pale, but there are ways to achieve a fresh, vibrant glow. When the youngsters have settled down for the night, run yourself a hot bubble bath, squeeze a little exfoliating gel onto a sponge and scrub, scrub, scrub away. Rub in small circles from your feet up to your face and remove all that dead skin as you go. Repeat whenever you have a sneaky moment to yourself and you should notice a difference in no time.

Make the most of fresh fruit

Believe it or not, bananas, apples, strawberries and grapes are not just ideal for lunchboxes. These tasty snacks can also be turned into skin-enhancing facemasks, so why not give one a go? Simply whip a handful of fruit in a blender, mix it with a dollop of natural yoghurt and leave it on your skin for half-an-hour or so. The salicylic acid in red berries can combat acne, bananas will leave your complexion soft and supple and even plums are thought to purge antioxidants – so don’t hold back.

Take a moment to de-fuzz

Excess hair can leave you feeling very unglamorous. It’s stubbly and can snag your tights, so take a minute to de-fuzz. Shaving is probably your quickest option, but if you’re looking for a more long-term solution then try waxing or exfoliating instead. If you have a little spare cash, you could even book a course of laser hair removal while the kids are at school or treat yourself to a salon appointment. Beauticians offer everything from electrolysis to plucking, so get out of the house and enjoy a little you time.

Say hello to your straighteners

Think how great you feel when you leave the hair salon! Well, you can replicate that sassy feeling by whipping out your hair irons. These great tools can transform your curly bob into a sleek style or your flat hair into bouncy curls, so get creative and spice up your look. If you’re not sure where to start, magazines are packed with tips and styles or you could check out the many tutorials online. Struggling to do the back? Then call up a friend and have some girly time while the children nap!

Whether you have a five year old or a five month year old, you can improve your appearance easily – without opting for nose surgery, cheek implants or any other surgical procedure.

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