Remembering the good times

It’s quite easy having children to focus on the negatives,
how they never listen, how you wish you could be more patient and have better
approaches to handling them (super nanny where are you?), how the sibling
rivalry can be exhausting and never ending… but sometimes, just sometimes they
surprise you with the depth of their love and it makes everything else
worthwhile (yes even the early morning starts and the very public meltdowns!).

Youngest threw a coin into the wishing waters and said
I want to see my mummy every day” – such a beautiful wish to hear and my heart
swelled! As much as you drive me crazy
little man, I love you with ALL my heart, always and forever!

3 thoughts on “Remembering the good times

  1. That is the most perfect wish! Where was your wishing well? It's a lovely photo. Mine are a few years older and more likely to be found trying to take the money out of the well! Do come and join me on Country Kids, a lovely outdoor fun photo

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