Tomy Dinosaur Train InterAction Toys: Video Review

I gave you a sneak preview yesterday with a few pictures to whet your appetite
but today I am back with the video review.

Here you can see the dinosaurs in action. I have done a little introduction first of
the characters we were sent, then you can watch my boys enjoying playing with
them. Their fits of giggles says it all
really, they have had some fun dinosaur adventures, youngest was a little heavy on the “bashing” (but then it does demonstrate they can survive heavy handed play!).

Eldest tends to play with purpose, usually the dinosaurs go off in
search of food and he likes to use them realistically. Youngest is wilder; the dinosaurs will do
whatever he likes, at one point as you actually saw in the video he is making
Boris do gun noises! But what it shows
quite clearly is the age range it appeals to, my eldest is a mature five year
old and my youngest an adorable handful aged three, but both have been hugely
entertained with what the toys have to offer.

I have been very impressed with the interactive
features of the toys; they all have plenty to say, they respond appropriately to headbutts from Tank and tail whooshes from Morris, alongside the singing and regular chatting. They seem quite advanced toys, if anything the only problem Tomy have created is making any other dinosaurs my pair own seem very boring in comparison!

I will give another update when they are officially released so you know where you can get your hands on them.

4 thoughts on “Tomy Dinosaur Train InterAction Toys: Video Review

  1. Wow, these look AMAZING!!! Lara saw the photo of them a couple of days ago and was intrigued, now she's just watched the video with me and is DESPERATE for all of them! They will be added to the birthday wish list immediately!

  2. they look great! my children would love these as they love watching them on tv 🙂 great video showing them interacting together! fab x

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