Tree Fu Tom Twitter Party

are very excited here about the impending Tree Fu Tom twitter party! My youngest turns 4 in February so we are
using this wonderful opportunity to celebrate his birthday at the same time. Tree Fu Tom is one of his few programs both
my boys are happy to watch together, hooray for less squabbling! Eldest usually turns his nose up at what
youngest likes, declaring himself too mature (at the advanced age of 5 no

love all the magical moves that Tom gets everyone involved with when watching
the show. Up and active as much as
possible even when watching TV is ideal, after all we want sleepy kids come
bedtime! Not ones who suddenly wake up
and remove all hope of a decent bit of peace and quiet (whilst I try and chomp
on my emergency chocolate supplies!).

hope you will be following along with us and some other lovely bloggers on the
19th of February, between 4pm – 6pm. You will have a chance to win some prizes with the hashtag
#treefutomtoys and see how we all get along too! 
We really have enjoyed previous parties we have hosted and getting to
grips with new toy ranges. Combining magic, nature and adventure my two with hopefully spend hours playing with these!

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