Heart Umbrella Review

I was sent the cutest umbrella from find me a gift, it was a vibrant red, a colour I love! But what made it really unique was the design, the umbrella is shaped in a heart. The perfect gift for Valentines, especially if you live in Wales like I do! It’s no coincidence we are a green and beautiful country – its down to all the rain fall we have… so a decent umbrella is pretty much a necessity, unless your a fan of the drowned rat look!

Priced reasonably at £18.99 (for the red), you can look quite dramatic swanning around with one of these. The quality is very good, you would think it had cost lots more. I can be dry and stylish with this, no more making do with the boys ladybird umbrella for me, I shall stand out in the crowd instead!

Although I am struggling not to break into Glee inspired singing in the rain dance routines… (maybe I should have stuck to blending in the background ha!).

Also available in Hot Pink and Pink (although Pink is currently out of stock, so be quick before they all disappear!).

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