Learn to read with the Alphablocks

were sent the fabulous new DVD; Learn to read with the Alphablocks: Phonics
First Steps. I was quite excited
because eldest has had lots of help and encouragement to start reading and we
needed a good method to kick start youngest off on his learning to read
journey. He has enjoyed discovering the
letters of the alphabet with the help of the comical little Alphablocks

is a great introduction for his age group; he is three (on his way to four very
soon) and finds it hard to concentrate on some activities I try and suggest to
help his reading. But he had no problem
focusing on this DVD, so it is great I can use this DVD to aid his
understanding in some way. He found the
colourful Alphablocks very entertaining, they like singing and holding hands to
spell out words, often with amusing results! 
It has definitely made him think reading is something fun at last!

liked seeing the free poster, which accompanied the DVD; this will be handy to
hang on his wall and reinforce the learning from the DVD.

I particularly liked how they sound out each letter and
then say lots of words starting with that letter so children really get a feel for
how they should start saying them. 
DVD’s are no replacement for books but they can be a good starting
point, which you can build on. Youngest
will hopefully be more receptive to his learning activities now that this DVD
has sparked his interest!

to read with the Alphablocks can
be purchased from all good DVD stockists.

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