Lunchtime Blog Tour And Competition

Today it is my day to host a lovely competition to win a
paperback book of Lunchtime; I will also throw in a surprise (possibly
lunchtime themed, so maybe a nice new plate and cup set for your child!) to
finish off the prize quite nicely. 
Although I know lots of you would be keen to enter just for the book, as
it is a very sweet book and a delightful tale for little ones.

We reviewed it back in May, so it’s nice to
return to it with my followers again. A
book that inspires our little ones to be better eaters, so no friendly critters
decide to keep pinching their food!

Here are some of them having lunch now:

These adorable fella’s were actually made by the author. So not only is she a talented writer she excels at crafting! Rebecca Cobb I salute you! Over to her:

“One day, when I was thinking about the book launch for Lunchtime I decided that what I really wanted to do was to make hats of the three animal characters in the book: Crocodile, Bear and Wolf. While this was a very nice idea it was also quite ambitious and a week later our flat was covered with fake fur fluff and I was creating what looked like a giant green horse’s head. I persevered however and after a couple more weeks of some serious sewing, unpicking and re-sewing, I had finished and even though they were much larger than I had intended (it took three bags of stuffing to fill them!) I was quite pleased with how much they looked like the illustrations. I chose to make them on baseball caps because I thought that the peak at the front would help to support the crocodile and wolf’s long noses and it would make them adjustable at the back so that they could be worn by both adults and children. I had to add ribbons to tie the hats under the wearer’s chin because they are so big they are too top heavy to balance otherwise. I am very pleased that I did make the hats because children absolutely love trying them on and I found it a really helpful distraction when I was feeling nervous about doing my first public events because everyone looks at the animals and not at me! They have been great for photographing too and I made a tablecloth like the one in the book using a fabric crayon on a bed sheet, so that I could take pictures of the three of them sitting at the table and eating their favourite foods: soup, bread and apples. When I found out the amazing news that Lunchtime had been long-listed for the Kate Greenaway medal I celebrated by making the animals a chocolate cake as a special treat… and then I helped them to eat it!”

To continue the blog tour head over to these other lovely mummy bloggers.


To enter just comment letting me know what your little one enjoys having for lunch.

For an additional entry tweet “I want to win a copy of Lunchtime over at @missingsleep”

The competition will close on the 14th of February

106 thoughts on “Lunchtime Blog Tour And Competition

  1. Mmm my littlest one loves to have cheese – anything cheese – cheese strings, cheese squares, dairylea, cheesy biscuits, cheesy mash – anything cheesy!!!!

    Tweeted too x

  2. My little girl loves sandwiches – we have started serving them in foil so that she can pretend she is having a picnic. Occasionally i'll also serve hummus with carrot sticks!

  3. Those animals are adorable! Pooh Bear is having a cheese sandwich and Spud went to preschool with a ham & cheese sandwich and lots of other scrummy treats

  4. my youngest loves fruit, she will have it win / on anything whilst my 5yo loves her sandwiches, her favourite alternates between vegemite, peanut butter or Billy bear slices!

  5. My little boy is quite a fussy eater (he's slowly getting better) he likes very bland food. Pasta with grated cheese is a fav!

  6. Can I do this for my little cousin? Because I don't have a child but she'd love this prize! She has an obsession with chocolate spread sandwiches and wont eat dinner without it

  7. Just about everything, the only thing she doesn't like (at the moment) is cabbage. Even had a drink of my "almost cold" black coffee (with no sugar) and always wants to try what the "adults" are having. 🙂 😀 x

  8. my little boy only likes waffles he is so fussy but he actually ate weetabix the other day i nearly cried with happiness!

  9. Daisy is going through a fussy stage but she will eat ham sandwiches so that seems to be her staple diet at the moment!

  10. My son loves eating purees,(not that much ends up in his mouth) but he especially enjoys Banana mixed with strawberry.

  11. My little girl loves Quorn Ham and Grated Cheese Filled Pitta breads, with sticks of carrot and celery and she adores dried fruit 🙂

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