Micro Scooters Rucksack Review and Competition

We were sent a fabulous rucksack and lunch box to review worth £29.95 and one to giveaway from our friends over at Micro Scooters. I opened the package took one look at the
impressive bag, admired its pattern and the amount of space to store everything
THEN took a surprised intake of breath (I do like to be dramatic on occasion!)
when I read the booklet and saw you can actually use the rucksack on your Micro
Scooter. I thought they were branching
out and it was just intended to wear on your child’s back, but in actual fact
it works amazingly well with their scooters.

first use we had tentatively placed the rucksack on my son’s scooter but it was
fine, he did not topple over, his weight seemed to keep everything steady! Such a clever design, which really works,
given how much you can stash in both the rucksack and lunch box it does come as
a revelation, but really would I expect any less from the clever people over at
Micro Scooters!

is a very functional bag, its great they can scoot to school and carry
everything with them in the bag, leaving our hands free for a change to help
the little ones, push prams or hold your partner’s hand (okay I shouldn’t
overdo it, I do not want to encourage him!!!). He usually starts off with his bag on his back, but I always seem to end up with it somehow! Even with the best of intentions, it ends up in my hand without me even realising half the time. So I am all for a scooter doing the hard work!

Sometimes my son comes out of school carrying a small art exhibition (or
often you can tell the teachers are just desperate for a clear out, as the other day he
came home with a cardboard boat, made of about twenty pizza boxes no less!!!) and
I am at a loss how to get everything home, least I can cram more into his bag
now… (especially with the scooter taking the weight not my poor son’s back!).

Then they can whip it off the scooter when they arrive at their destination! The wide straps means it sits comfortably on their shoulders too. The eye catching design with lots of scooters dotted around, keeps him in with the cool kids!

To enter to win a Neon Dots Rucksack and Lunch Box write in the comments below a link to your favourite Micro Scooter accessory. Please go to the website and pick the links from there. The competition will close on the 1st of March.

12 thoughts on “Micro Scooters Rucksack Review and Competition

  1. I Love the Zooter- Dino I could see myself scooting about with one of these on my broom at home too!!! xx

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