Mother’s Day and Flowers the Creative Way

it comes to Mother’s day, flowers are a natural go to present! I think it’s much easier to buy for us
ladies; flowers (ideally accompanied with chocolates, the bigger the box the
better!) and we are happy bunnies. I
was sent an Interflora gift card to review their new Interflora Creation application (; I was keen to be involved as I thought it was quite a unique
idea. Usually you head to the
Interflora website, pick a suitable bunch of flowers and submit your
order. Well with this clever new
application, I could actually select the flowers and place them in a manner of
my suiting! There were oodles of
flowers and foliage to help design your bouquet. I was treating my mum, so I let her also have a nose through the

application was easy to use, although we did have some teething problems with
the Steel Grass; it seemed to have a mind of its own! We could add it but not move it around once placed, this might
have been down to uncooperative foliage, or us novices but we got there in the

is what we ordered:

think we did quite well considering! It
is fun to play florist for a little bit, it was a little strange not seeing the
stems when you have a play around of the application. When the bouquet was delivered my mum thought it was very green! So bare it in mind when you start getting
order happy on extra foliage. There are some useful hints and tips too, so it might be an idea to read them before creating your flowery masterpiece! Unlike myself, who just found that section now, doh!

If your mum loves certain flowers or a colour theme I think this application is a great idea. But if like me and pleased with most bunches of flowers your money will go further picking one of their standard bouquets (because of the creative charge depending on the number of stems you pick). My mum went over 15 stems so the creative charge was £20, so I think she wishes she had chosen bigger more expensive flowers and kept the charge to the £15 instead.

Here is what came:

It was a pretty arrangement and my mum was pleased, the flowers needed time to open for full dramatic impact, but arriving like this the bouquet will bring happiness to my mum for longer as the buds will open gradually.

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