My favourite place

probably expecting me to say somewhere exotic; with golden beaches and idyllic
scenery or somewhere with great children entertainment (to keep my two from
squabbling!), but no my favourite place is my bed!

It is so indulgent to stretch out after a long day with
the boys, their almost constant fighting is exhausting, on top of handling
whatever life decides to throw at us (today my youngest tripped over a lady and
is now sporting a lip like a prized boxer, I feel so sorry for him!). It can be draining handling all the tears,
tantrums and raised voices that go hand in hand with the little people (hurray
for all the cuddles, loves and kisses to help balance it out!).

really do enjoy the time I spend in bed, cup of tea to one side, generous
portion of cake to my other! Ideally
some romantic trash to watch to unwind to or the American Apprentice we have
just started watching (does anyone else think it might be a little staged, I
like the British version more, but it is still mildly entertaining watching the
contestants have mini breakdowns EVERY episode, blimey they like the drama of
it all!!!).

only regret is our room is quite small, I would love to upgrade to king size beds, but there is no way we could squeeze one in! Such a shame as when you have hubbie, myself and the two boys
(and their ample soft toy collections) for morning cuddles it can be a bit of a

am so excited as we have ordered ourselves a new bed! A friend gratefully donated the frame of the one we had to us,
but I have been pining for faux leather beds for AGES now and in the midst of a
decorating overhaul, it was time to get one, once delivered if I go quiet, I
apologise in advance, I am just stretching out in bed, neglecting my blog…

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